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PVG+ Vídeo

Os integrantes do PVG apresentam abaixo vídeos curtos em inglês sobre assuntos jurídicos atuais e relevantes, novidades relativas ao ambiente empresarial e legal brasileiro, e notícias sobre o nosso escritório.

Distressed transactions and investment opportunities in the context of insolvency proceedings in Brazil.

Regulations enacted in Brazil in April this year have created two new types of financial institutions specifically devised for fintech businesses. In deciding whether to qualify as such, startup companies will need to consider, on one hand, the advantages of independence from banks and potential for accelerated growth, and, on the other, new regulatory and compliance costs, and well as potential higher taxation and more restrictive employment rules.

Yes – we have our share of political uncertainties, economic pitfalls, and complex laws and regulations. However, we also have unicorns!